CHEATSHEET – Pose Like a Model With These 7 Tips!

Do you avoid appearing in pictures because you think you don’t look good in photographs? Do you think models and artistes are simply “born with it”? Well, there’s photoshop and then there’s genes but for the most of the population it’s hardwork (hitting the gym, having a healthy diet etc.) and practice! Even then, there’s no harm referring to a ‘how to look photogenic’ cheatsheet 😛

Still… there are times when we simply can’t or don’t want to miss out being in a picture (e.g. group photo, going on a vacation, wedding photoshoot etc.) so here are 7 tips to appearing prettier in pictures. Memorise and then put them into practise and you’ll be on your way to bag the ‘Miss Photogenic’ title.

p.s: You might want to print out these tips and bring along the cheatsheet for your vacation/photoshoot etc. Remember to review the list just before photo-time 😛


Looking straight on at the camera will show the fullness of your face and remove and/or reduce any natural shadows. Turning your face slightly to the side helps create natural highlights and shadows thus slimming the shape of your face.

Tilting your head up when taking photos makes the face look larger plus it’d give everyone a good view of what’s inside your nose. Tilting your head slightly down and to the side is most ideal.

As with #1, facing a camera straight on will show you from the widest angle (tsk, not flattering!) and make you look extra round. Turn ¾ to show your body from an angle and create shadows and depth in your pose.

Put one hand on your hip and angle your elbow back and away from your body. Although you may feel silly doing it, there is a reason many celebrities adopt this pose – it is ultra flattering!

If you are sitting for the photo, turn so that the camera is at your side rather than directly in front of you (as with #1/#3). If you choose to cross your legs, cross the leg closest to the camera over the top of the other.

A light source directly above you will give you dark shadows under your eyes, while one from the side will create bold background lines. Also, avoid taking pictures with the light source behind you. A light source coming from behind will darken your entire body and ruin a great picture.

Ideally, the light source should be in front of you and slightly above you. Whenever possible, take your photos in natural light near a window or outside.

The best lighting for photos occurs in the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. (p.s: Work this into your travel itinerary or outdoor photo shoot!)

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Shop the Kate Middleton signature red McQueen dress under USD 40!

Any fans of the Duchess of Cambridge here?!?! If you’ve been watching her closely, you’ll know that Kate Middleton has some undisputed signature looks.

#1 That blue Issa London dress

This sapphire blue, gathered-front dress which Kate wore for the engagement quickly became a fashion ‘must-have’ so much so that the dress was sold out in London within 2 days of the Duchess wearing this piece. This must be the dress where all started; the “Kate” effect. The dress also sold out quickly after it became available on Net-a-porter. Within days, Tesco sold a similar version, it sold out within an hour! Such was the charm of the Duchess.

#2 That Alexander McQueen wedding dress

Ah… the fairytale wedding which broadcasted live in many countries… how can we forget Kate in this dress? From then on, Kate was spotted in conservative dresses (no sleeveless, no tube, no halter) but still looking lovely and stunning as always.

#3 That red Alexander McQueen dress

Other than the dresses she was spotted in on significant days (engagement and wedding), this is probably this most memorable and stunning look on Kate. After all, red is meant to be eye-catching, right? It seems that the original version of this Alexander Mcqueen dress is shorter and sleeveless. The designer “modestified” this dress for Kate, making it slightly longer, spotting long sleeves and altered to a flattering boatneck style.

L-R: Kim Kardashian, Tulisa Contostavlos, Kate Middleton in similar red dress from Alexander Mcqueen

Although TV star Kim Kardashian & ‘The X Factor’ (previous season) judge Tulisa Contostavlos wore this dress previously but it was not until the Duchess of Cambridge’s feature, that put this dress in the limelight. This dress is from McQueen’s pre-fall 2011 collection and retails for £1,195 (S$2,390/US$2k) Now you can own this style too – at a mere fraction of the price on Ministry of Retail online fashion store!

Featuring boat neckline (closer to the customised version on the Duchess), 3/4 sleeves (made more bearable for the humid weather but packed with princess power nevertheless), lovely pleats and the classic cut.

Take your pick – Stunning red for glamorous red carpet worthy moments. Pair it with nude heels (p.s: Kate Middleton paired hers with L.K. Bennett heels just in case you want to know) and an elegant golden brooch for the touch of glamour. If red is not your colour or dare not venture into the “red” area yet, opt for the classic black. Be it for dinner, events, work or just heading out, this dress is sure to make heads turn and for the right reason too!

Available in sizes S-XXL, grab your ‘Duchess Glamour Dress‘ now!

International Fashion Bloggers X Ministry of Retail II

More collaborations with international fashion bloggers coming up 🙂 See how these fashionistas style their outfits with Ministry of Retail items and how they mix and match in ways you probably wouldn’t think of.

Here’s a compilation of the latest features from international fashion bloggers:

Black White Slim Fit Blazer (S$48.80)
See the full entry on Tamara’s blog here: BIG TRIO: metallic & leopard & neon

We’re really impressed with how fashion blogger pieced together such a fashionable outfit with lots of bold and loud prints and still manage to emerge sane. What with leopard prints, metallic, neon pink, lime green! Top it off with ‘black white slim fit blazer’ which helps to tone down the look and add a touch of elegance. If you have dresses with loud prints, why not pair it with a blazer like this?

Checkered Desert Blouse (S$42.80)
See the full entry on Kryz Uy’s blog here: Plaid and Red

These fashionistas are really good and bold in coming up with their outfit. Who knew that pairing a checkered blouse like ‘Checkered Desert Blouse’ with a red peplum skirt could turn out this amazing? Alternatively if you don’t have a peplum skirt, opt for our ‘Passion Red Skorts‘.

Mesh Net Skirt (S$39.80)
See the full entry on Alexandra Catherine’s blog here: In a Pinch

This outfit that Alexandra Catherine put together reminded us of a ballerina. We love how she paired the high-waist midi length mint green/blue netted skirt with an earth coloured tube bustier. With a clever twist of hair (messy bun), this makes for a great look for the weekends!

Lilac Ruffles Dress (S$42.80)
See the full entry on Lynne Gabriel’s blog here: Lavender Rains

In love with pastels? Take a leaf from blogger Lynne Gabriel’s books and incorporate these colours into your outfit: sweet pink, pale purple/lavender, mint green. Not forgetting a lovely necklace such as ‘D Roses Diamond Necklace‘.

International Fashion Bloggers X Ministry of Retail

Many of you have told us that you like visiting Ministry of Retail online fashion store not just to check out and shop for new arrivals but also to get inspirations on outfit matching and pairing. That set us thinking on how best we can display more ways of wearing a particular design and an idea came to our mind – what’s better than having fashion bloggers parade the pieces?

Here’s a compilation of the latest features from international fashion bloggers:

Little Velvet Dress (S$45.80)
See the full entry on Camille’s blog here: Lost Little Girl

Think velvet is only for formal occasions? Think again. Take a leaf from Camille’s book the next time you “run out” of clothes to wear on lazy Sunday. She literally just wore this dress, grabbed whatever accessories she saw and was out of the door.

We love just how rich and soft the velvet fabric feels. If you’re wearing this for a D&D, try pairing it with neon coloured velvet-texture accesories and heels.

Mrs Addams Slit Long Dress (S$40.80)
See the full entry on Jen Tam’s blog here: Easy Chic

What can else we say about the fabulous styling of Mrs Addams Slit Long Dress done by Jen? WE LOVE IT! Take heed from blogger Jen and pair this with a bold scarf, a pretty black belt with detailing, heels and bag in matching colour and twisting your hair into a chignon. Alternatively, if you have a bolder belt, pair it with a smaller/shorter piece of scarf tying it just at the neck area (think Stewardess).

Lace Sleeves Peplum Top (S$45.80)
See the full entry on Jen Tam’s blog here: Canary

It seems that pairing this lace sleeves peplum top with a sleek black pants is a well-loved way. We love how the cutting of this top brought out the curves and the bold necklace enhanced it further. Alternatively, pair this with a sleek milky white pencil skirt (make sure colour matches otherwise skip white) – as if you’re wearing a peplum style dress!

Hollow Airy Tunic-Dress (S$38.80)
See the full entry on Alexandra Catherine’s blog here: All That Glitters

This is a piece all of us kept for ourselves – a casual and chic piece. Hitting the mall? Skip the tee and slippers. Take inspiration from Alexandra, push up the sleeves, grab a thick bangle, nice sling handbag and sandals. Alternatively, we also like to swap the white inner piece with a bright neon piece and pair it with a slim belt. Have it your way 🙂
p.s: Mad love the golden sunshine of Canada!

Hollow Airy Tunic-Dress (S$38.80) and Hood in the Night Coat (S$72.80)
See the full entry on Alyssa’s blog here: My head is a jungle

Have we already mentioned swapping the inner piece? This is what fashion blogger Alyssa did. If you’re adventurous, pair it with an inner piece with loud prints or even bralet and a matching skirt. Experiencing rather eccentric weather that blows hot and cold (unfortunately it might never get cold enough in tropical Singapore)? Put on a chic winter coat when you’re outdoors and shed it when you’re indoor.

The Blue Maxi Dress (S$45.50)
See the full entry on Khatu’s blog here: Maxed Out
Simply elegant! Lazy to dress up on Sundays? Attending a wedding ceremony in the day with a relaxed dress code? Opt for the blue maxi dress.We like how blogger Khatu styled her maxi dress – Simply pull back your hair into a sleek ponytail, put on a pair of elegant looking pearl earrings and slip into a pair of comfortable leather sandals (yay – let your feet rest on weekends!).


Wondering what to wear? Wonder no more.
p.s: If you are keen to work with us for styling and other collaborations, drop us an email at 🙂

Trend Report: High-low hem trend is IN this summer!

The Sharp Cut – If you’re all for the bold and loud styles or if you have beautiful and slender slim legs (especially for taller ladies), go for this style. It will accentuate your assets. Opt for dresses like the one above with a ‘sharp cut’ (distinctive front and back). If you haven’t noticed it already, the flap on the right is slightly cut to the front with attitude.

Have you gone hi-lo yet? This season, you can see most skirts and dresses in high-low hem line; shorter in front, longer at the back. Be it asymmetrical, symmetrical, sharp dip or gradual dip – we’re loving it this summer!

Did you see it coming? With the drastic shift in preference from mini skirts to maxi skirts (and even the in-between length midi skirt), the high low hem seems a natural progression. We love it for the “swing” produced on windy days and the suave feeling we get when the ‘tail’ of the skirt ‘flies’ and dances to your steps.

There’s no clear cut definition as to what constitutes high-low hem but that is not important. The more essential issue is to find the PERFECT and the RIGHT FIT for yourself! We’ll be showcasing a few styles here and you’ll see what works for you. If you’re unsure, fret not. At MINISTRY OF RETAIL online fashion store, we offer a free return policy so you can try out all the styles and keep only the ones you like! (yay!)

The Beginners’ Dip

Your first piece? Opt for this! Floral prints is the key to beginners’ piece as it requires little or no layering. Unsure how to pull it off? Contrary to popular belief, prints is actually a good way to test out new styles. We’re loving the Summer Back Floral Dipped Hem Dress (above) with the gradual dip, arms flattering sleeves, interesting cut-out back (not too low). Party or casual dinner date, you decide.

The Gradual Dip

Want something bolder but not too short in front? Opt for Bubble Gum High-Low Skirt (above). We fell in love with this piece the moment we saw it. Not too short at the front with a nice ‘tail’, contrasting ribbon which can be used to create the paperbag skirt effect and it even comes in such wonderful colours like electric blue, bubble gum pink and white! The pictures doesn’t do this skirt justice, you’ll have to see it for yourself and try it on to see how amazing this piece is.

This piece is amazingly versatile. Generally, it goes with any top that is of the same colour as the ribbon. For white, pick any colourful top. For pink, pick any pastel colour. For the shocking electric blue piece, pair it with magenta/lime/orange and such. Due to the fabulous fabric used, with appropriate top and accessories, this piece can grace semi-formal occasions and is a great choice for fancy dinners and parties.

The Conservative Dip

With fashion powerhouse churning out various versions of the high low hem skirts and dresses, the line between high-low hem and dipped hem is blurring. For the conservative ones, you may want to try out this number with a slight dip in the hem and tulip style front.

Which is your favourite style? Which is the style for you? Need some assistance? Feel free to email us at!